Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Growing Together Educational Project - Than Lyin

The school. Pretty basic but who needs water and electricity when you have teachers like us?!

I look after two pre-school classes of pupils aged three to four in Than Lyin

All the children (as do the adults - both men and women) wear Thanaka, a paste made from wood bark for cosmetic reasons, sometimes from head to toe. It smells gorgeous, also protects from the sun and helps skin problems. At first I thought it looked strange but now I often don't even notice it.


Anonymous said...

Soo cute! Is the paste why everyne is bootiful? Lowri xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily P,

Fantastic pictures. I bet that youre a great teacher. I used to love my days of colouring in and making marble paper.

I hope that everything is good and that youre well.

Speak soon and have a great birthday out there.


Anonymous said...

Hi miss,
thanks for your mail and all the pics. We are able to imagine where you are and a lot of people here ask for some news about you. Your days out here must be so exceptional! take care
Florence from bp2S

The Girl From Mars said...

Cheers Matt, I will set you some homework once I get back if you like...

The Girl From Mars said...

Salut Florence. T'as raison, c'est assez exceptionnel mais je sais deja que je serai tellement triste de quitter ces enfants dans quelques mois. Bisous a toi !

Anonymous said...

Hey miss!
ça doit être génial!!tes photos sont superbes et c'est vraiment bien ce que tu fais.Je te souhaite de vivre plein de belles choses encore....
Take care