Thursday, 22 February 2007

My Pupils

Mahin Than, my absolute favourite. I never thought I would fall in love with a five year old. I want to pop him in my backpack and take him home with me but that must be illegal, right?
Kaung Kaung, my preferred pupil of the afternoon classes. He is just adorable...

Htet Ko, he can be quite a handful at times the little rascal!!!

Zin Zin Win, the youngest at three years old, she rarely stops giggling.

Aye Myat Thu, super shy but gradually gaining confidence.

Ei Thu, the eldest of my pupils, I struggle to keep her challenged.

Pyae Soe Aung, clever but cunning! He has the eyes of an angel, but I know better...

Phae Phyo Aung, very baby-like in his motions he has great potential and endless enthusiam.

Su Sandar, she began slowly due to many absences but is now rapidly over taking over the other pupils!
Phyo Phyo, the clown of the class.
Kaung Kaung Kyaw, clever though shy he is most remarkable for his beautiful face, I would like to meet him in his twenties!
Su Su, at five years old this girl has more elegance than me, she will grow up to be a real lady.

Tun Tun, one of my star pupils as he is not only bright but obedient, hurrah!

[For any Burmese reading this please excuse the spelling of the names. We do not have a translator capable of knowing the correct English spelling!!!]


Anonymous said...

They all look happy and like they are enjoying the learning bless em xxx Lowrixxx

Dad said...

Hi Dude,
Great looking kids. How is their Emglish? Keep up the good work.
Father of girl who can't sit still. xxx

NiN- said...

Now they have Emily as teacher, they love going to school! I wish I had you as teacher!

NiN- said...

I'd love to give a sweet old sister's kiss to all those so cute little children. give one to each of them for me!

Anonymous said...

Ils sont trop mignons, et ils doivent etre tres contents de t avoir comme prof ! bravo pour ta classe et continue de tout prendre en photos, c est vraiment bien de voir tout ce que tu vis.