Monday, 25 June 2007

The Philippines

A volcanic crater after the climb

Tarsiers, quite possibly the cutest primates on earth...

Cow on a motor bike!

Falling in love with Palawan

Bright coloured jeepney

Chocolate hills

Cock-fighting on Cebu island, apologies to my vegan friends!

Voilà, a bikini shot due to popular request. Alors Romain, t'es enfin content?!

Alona Beach, Bohol


Lowri said...

they really are cute!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

woooooooooooooooow i want one of those, look at its little feet with kind of little suckers on, it could just sit on my arm and i would love it forever! one tarsier please.
skatché xx

Anonymous said...

er when are you bringing that sexy beach bum back to paris my lady??
LOL the cow on the motorbike- too funny.sktché

Romain said...

Hey hey you're teasing me as you'll be back in town in a few weeks, ahh Emily 6 months away but still the same ! Ok ok . . .