Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Jerusalem Drew Me Back

Well, only two months after my last trip I was kindly invited to visit Jerusalem again. Not one to say no to a holiday, and certainly not to a city that I love, I saw in 2009 in the Holy Land. It was an interesting time to be there only days after the offensive in Gaza had begun and the mood was dense and melancholic.

The Jewish cemetery Boys carting bread in the Old City
The Temple Mount as seen from the Mount of Olives
Watching the people near the Via Dolorosa
My favourite place in JerusalemView over the west bank including the separation wallTwo Palestinians put away their papers after being searched by the police
View from the roof of the Austrian Hospice of the Dome of the Rock. The flock of doves have bells attached to them and only when you leave the hustle and bustle of the street can you hear them circling above.
I awoke to the sound of this mosque at dawn every morning
Young Israeli soldiers by Damascus Gate