Thursday, 30 April 2009

More of Northern Syria

Climbing the citadel for sunrise
Three-wheeled vehicles are common here
Graffiti on houses indicating a visit to Holy Mecca
The oasis that is Palmyra, the Iraqi frontier only a couple of hundred kilometres beyond the horizon
Teatime with the locals requires vigorous sign language
Palmyra in her glory at dusk
Sunset over the Med near Lattakia
Camels in Palmyra
Picnicing with a family in Hama

The Norias of Hama
Bedouin children
The Crak de Chevaliers
Yet more donkeys

And me with another baby after being invited for lunch at a family home, my boyfriend will think I am becoming broody!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Syria - Don't Pay Attention To The Travel Warnings!

Beautiful Syria. Don't listen to your government, this country is not full of terrorists but warm hearted, generous people and picturesque countryside.
Loaded donkey
The black sands of Wadi Quandil
Book seller at the bus station
Goat shepherds getting gas
Eating like a Lord in Lattakia
Carpet weaver
Another donkey on the pavement
Young girls I met at the mosque, note the designer abeyya!
Butchers deep inside the souq The city of Aleppo as seen from the citadel
The Syrian border from the Turkish side. Looks like an easy hurdle but I took the easy route and crossed the frontier in legal fashion. Well, almost legal - lucky I didn't get that Israeli passport stamp!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Göreme, Cappadocia

Sharing a chuckle with women on the street

Ballooning away

Take off
We went higher than all the other balloons

Balloons through the clouds
Freezing with my dead balloon
The Ihlara Valley
Making gözleme - flat bread pancakes
Sleepy Emily from many early starts
Young boy riding an ass

I lived like a cave woman in Cappadocia
Horse and cart

Novel place to put the best table in the restaurant

Women working near the monastery
Admiring the view

Picture perfect scenery Rock formations seen while trekking

Chapel frescoes dating from the 11th century

These women made my breakfast each morning

Yet more rocks

Credits for one of my favourite photos go to Rob Gain

Friday, 17 April 2009


Chilling on the beach after a long bus journey

Accomodation in Olympos was of the tree house kind