Thursday, 30 April 2009

More of Northern Syria

Climbing the citadel for sunrise
Three-wheeled vehicles are common here
Graffiti on houses indicating a visit to Holy Mecca
The oasis that is Palmyra, the Iraqi frontier only a couple of hundred kilometres beyond the horizon
Teatime with the locals requires vigorous sign language
Palmyra in her glory at dusk
Sunset over the Med near Lattakia
Camels in Palmyra
Picnicing with a family in Hama

The Norias of Hama
Bedouin children
The Crak de Chevaliers
Yet more donkeys

And me with another baby after being invited for lunch at a family home, my boyfriend will think I am becoming broody!


Anonymous said...

Hope so!!!

alex said...

Hello there Emily! It's alex from Latakia, remember me? Where in the world are you now? Stay in touch. My facebook is
add me up!