Sunday, 12 April 2009

Where East Meets West

There is no shortage of Turkish Delight in Istanbul
Fishermen on the Galata Bridge. Europe at one end of the bridge, Asia at the other.
Smoking a nargile The Blue Mosque from the hotel at night
Sailing on the Bosphorus
The Aya Sofya, quite possibly one of the most impressive buildings I have ever entered
Now I know why they call it the Blue Mosque...
The back streets of the Western district where the women sit on their doorsteps to peel their vegetables
What a way to make a living!
The eerie but atmospheric Basilica Cistern

A whirling dervish in full spin
More than enough to smell and taste down at the spice bazaar

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MOH said...

hey emelie really very nice work! i'am very impressed with all this gorgeous pictures !