Saturday, 2 May 2009


Despite past upheaval, Tripoli appears at first glance to be a happy seaside town
Quedisha Valley in the northern mountain range
One of the last few Cedar groves, the national emblem found on the flags, roadside, currency and even tattooed on bodies!
Beirut as seen from the Corniche at dusk
The scale of Baalbeck is simply mind blowing
Architecture in Tripoli bears a French resemblance
Hezbollah flags in the Bekaa Valley indicate who is running the show here
Tanks are found everywhere on the streets of Beirut
Yes, you cannot go very far in Beirut without coming across another tank. Taken with an obstructed view this time in hiding as I was shouted at for photographing the last one.The best sweets in the country in Tripoli
Catholic village of Bcharré nestled in between the mountains and the valley. From this region it is possible to both ski on snow and sunbathe on the beach in the same day in season.

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