Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I went to Petra for a couple of days and spent over a week there. The place is truly hypnotic and was without a doubt the highlight of my Middle Eastern tour. I spent some time in the town prior to making many Bedouin friends who showed me their Nomadic way of life living between the mountains and the desert. I have not known hospitality or peace like it before and had I not a rendez-vous in Egypt to keep with my friend Jo, I could have stayed a very, very long time. In Petra you can travel by camel, bicycle, jeep, horse and cart, donkey, but I preferred to go by mule for their climbing skills. Bedouin children of one of the families who welcomed me into their home for several days.
Climbing the high places with my Bedouin friends

The two Achmads, my best Bedouin friends. We would camp under the stars by moon and firelight deep in the mountains behind the Monastery.
The High Place of Sacrifice
The royal tombs change colour with the sunlight
My favourite high place and a lovely spot for breakfast, I liked to climb here soon after sunrise to avoid the crowds and watch everyone arriving.
Sunset from the town of Wadi Musa, Petra in the background, taken on my last night in civilisation before leaving to sleep wild in my million star hotel in the mountains.

Ibrahim, another of my good friends, the fastest mule rider in town. The amphitheatre from above
Wandering through the Siq
A rest from the mule ride in a colourful cave
The customary tea break with Achmad and Fadi
Of course, a good cuppa wouldn't be right without an accompaniment of bread cooked in sand
First glimpse of the Treasury from the Siq
Me looking proud to be the first to arrive at the site, very early in the morning.
Rock with layers and layers of different colours

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