Monday, 29 June 2009


The white cliffs of Dover are left behind us as we sail across the Channel
Mist lifts from the fields as day breaks

Champagne grapes ripen in the sun before becoming fizz

The city of Metz

An old boulangerie appears lifeless

The town of Langres
Calais from the boatStaring out to sea

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

From Chepstow to Monmouth by canoe, South Wales

Our friends pose for the camera while trying to overtake us
A stampede of cows took us by surprise at our camp!
Karim and Stu rest their arms afer a hard day's paddling
Celebrating my safe arrival in the farmer's field with a beer
Our campfire in action
Professionals in kayaks show us how it is done
The rope ferry at Symonds Yat

Drinking more beer in the river this time
The view from our canoe
Riverlife on the Wye