Sunday, 21 November 2010

Madagascar...enfin !

Curious lemurs

Birds of paradise
Diego Suarez bay

Maquillage style Malgache
Baby baobab
Mother and baby

Curried crab on a desert island

Parasite trees
Ramena plage
Madagascan ladybirds

Enjoying my last evening in Tana's finest restaurant
Natural swings of vine
Who ordered chicken for lunch?
Eid mubarak
Age-old baobabs
The emerald sea
Resident at my hotel

The smallest chameleon in the world
At the sea of tsingy
Nocturnal lemur

Trekking in the rainforest

Nocturnal trekking
Ring-tailed lemurs

The shadow of my aeroplane north

Blossom in Tana

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Sccucci Manucci said...

Did you see "the foosa"???